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The "People" icon from the left side command bar takes you to the individual account membership functions for your corporate account if you have the appropriate system permissions.


Selecting the icon will list all registered members for your corporate account as shown here:


Account - If your private instance has more then one account created you can select the account you want from the drop down list.

Filter - This search field allows you to filter the account user list by entering email, phone number, name etc.

Export - Press this button This will export out the user list based on any account, filter criteria selected and save the results to an Microsoft Excel file saved to your Downloads folder.

Edit User

Press the CogWheel icon to see/edit the user settings. You can edit your registered details such as name, email, mobile phone number etc.


On the left side you can edit your user information as described below.

Email - This is the email address you will use to log into the application with. If your company is not using Single Sign On (SSO) you will receive the log in token to this email. For SSO you will be logged in automatically if the email registered here is in your orginizations Active Directory as we use this as the UPN (User Principal Name).

Phone - Enter your mobile/cell phone number here. If your company is not using Single Sign On (SSO) you will receive the log in token by sms to this phone. Note! You must use the country code prefix before the number e.g. +47 followed by your phone number for it to be properly registered.

Name - Enter your name here. This is optional!

Address - Enter your address here. This is optional!

Country - Select your country from the drop down list. This is optional!

Avatar - You can select to upload an image of yourself here or an avatar image. This is optional!

Press Save to update any changes, or Cancel to abort.

User Projects

To the right you will see the Projects list as shown below. Here all the projects that your user are a member of will be listed.