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Field Activity Planner provides various functions called Modules that are displayed in seperate tabs on the lower part of the screen as shown below. These are the modules for Activities, Cost Equipment, Cost Operations, and the Connection Profile. You will also find Custom Modules here provided by 3rd party offerings e.g. Integration partners.

Alt text

Module Visibility

If you do not use all the modules you can decide, which modules to display on screen, by clicking on the Cog wheel icon on the left.

Alt text

This will display the following dialog:

Alt text

All available modules for your account will be displayed here. Then simply click Hide to disable the ones you do not need displayed. To enable them again, simply press Show.

Press OK to exit the dialog.

Module Ordering

You can rearrange the order of modules in left to right order by moving the individual modules around. Simply click a list entry and while holding down the left mouse button you can move it up or down and then release it when you have the desired position in the list.

Press OK to exit the dialog.

Connection Profile

This module enables a 2D profile or side-view of how a selected connection follows/samples the seabed/bathymetry and allows you to get a better understanding of the elevation changes for the selected connection.

When a connection is selected you can move your mouse sideways to move the indicator along the connection profile display. It will then display the actual depth in meters at that specific point. You will also see a circular visual indicator move along the connection in 2D or 3D stage view at the same time to indicate the exact position for the sample readout.

Alt text

You will also see the current X, Y, Z coordinate values and current distance from connection start point displayed on screen as you move the mouse as shown here:

Alt text

The legend displays the minimum and maximum depth of the selected connection, and to the left you will find the selected connection length in meters. You also have two input fields namely Sample frequency (resolution), and Elevation change threshold.

Sample frequency (resolution)

The sample frequency allows you set the distance in meters between each depth sample reading on the connection.

Elevation change threshold

Elevation change sets the threshold value in meters on how much the connection elevation can change between each sample point. If the elevation exceeds this value, the display will mark the point with a red vertical bar to pinpoint the location.

Alt text

The Connection Profile can also be obtained through the API. See the API documentation for more information.