Asset Libraries

The first step when creating a new project in the Field Activity Planner is typically to design a new field layout. To achieve this you can quickly and easily design the wanted field layout by using the "Field Layout" designer tools. The "Asset Libraries" section is where you will find the overview and information on all the available asset libraries available for your subscription.


Assets will typically be design elements that depict subsea installation structures or other operational equipment such as "Manifolds", "Templates", "FPSOs" etc. At the moment "Field Activity Planner" comes with a generic library of the most commonly used structures and vessels, but we will soon provide additional libraries. In addition we will also offer the capability to add your own custom assets and meta data to the "Asset Library".

Filter Assets

You can filter the "Asset Library" by type by selecting the appropriate sub-library from the drop down filter ar the top of the screen as shown here:


Simply select the asset category from the drop down list to display that category. At present only the "Structures" and "Vessel" categories are available.

Asset Details

To see all registered details on an individual asset, simply click om the "Asset" image card. This will display a dialog with all the asset details registered as shown below.