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End of Life Notification

To better support our users in the early phases of field design the FieldTwin Design application was released end of May 2021. Later this year the new FT Collaborate, and FT Admin applications will follow. FieldTwin Design has full feature partity with Field Activity Planner with the exception of the Activity Planner module, and will replace Field Activity Planner in our product portfolio.

After June 1st, 2021, FieldAP 5.x will only be updated with maintenance and bug fixes. All new features and capabilities will only be available in FieldTwin Design and other FieldTwin applications.

Please see FieldTwin Design for more information.

Users who still need to use the Activity part or run integrations that are not yet ported to FT Design can access and use the application until end of March 2022.

At present we have scheduled a maintenance and backend parity update for Q4/2021, but we will of course fix any critical errors and issues as they are reported.

Field Activity Planner

The Field Activity Planner solution uniquely brings all project data – assets, activities and costs, both subsea and topside – into plain sight through easy-to-understand visualization. And as a full blown Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution you can run the latest version anywhere, anytime in your web browser!


This is the Online Documentation for FieldAP.


Getting Started

As a quick start we suggest reading the following part of the documentation first:

Getting Started, Project View, Create Menu, or Export Menu

Note! At the moment we only recommend Chrome for all features with optimal performance! You can also use Chromium based browser e.g. lastest version of Edge etc.

Download Chrome

Field Activity Planner has been tested with Chrome on the following operating systems;
Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, Mac OSX and Linux.

Solution Overview


  • RUNS IN YOUR BROWSER. Works with Chromium based browsers, but Google Chrome recommended.

  • 24/7/365 AVAILABILITY




For more in depth technical information on the solution, please see Architecture and Security.

Please visit our website for more information at

For support information, FAQ and knowledgebase resources, please visit

For the Futureon corporate website, please visit

To log into your Field Activity Planner account, please visit

Current Version

The current version is: 5.4

Legacy Documentation

Documentation for version 4.2